How to grow your man mane! Do I Need Oil, Balm or Both?

That is the million dollar question! The answer is really very easy. What are your looking to gain, a bigger beard or taming your already existing man mane? Oils and balms will handle both of these, they just do it differently.

Why use an Oil?

not only does it condition the skin, it moisturizes the beard and promotes healthy growth.

  • For those that shave-
    • Use as an aftershave oil to soothe razor burn and irritation.
  • For those with shorted beards-
    • not only does it condition the skin, it moisturizes the beard and promotes healthy growth.
    • it helps to relieve the dreaded beard dandruff, aka "druff"
    • Provides light hold and manageability

Why use a Balm?

Balms are designed to add the same nourishment to the hair as beard oil, but we add natural beeswax and shea butter for hold and manageability. 

  • Acts as an all day conditioner.
  • Helps to prevent split ends and damage.
  • Ultimately allowing you to grow a longer, healthier Distinguished Gentleman's beard.
  • To make it simple, for larger beards use both oil and balm on a daily basis.

How to use Oils and Balms

How to Apply Oil

How to Apply Balm

How to Apply Balm

  1.  Add a few drops of oil to an oil pot (available for purchase on this site) a shot glass works too.
  2. Dip your fingertips into the oil,  massage into your skin and root of your beard. (use a little extra in thin or irritated areas).  If you apply the oil to the palms of your hands and apply, you  may not get the full benefits of the oil. The oil doesn't make it to root and most of the oil stays on your hands.
  3. Using a wooden comb, comb the  hair up to disperse the oil, comb back down 
  4.  Style as usual

How to Apply Balm

How to Apply Balm

How to Apply Balm

  1.  Using the back of your thumb nail, scrape a small amount of balm (1/2 nail for average size beard, more for larger beards) and put it into the palm of your hand
  2.  Rub your hands together to melt the balm.
  3.  Run your hand up and out of your beard from the root out, using your hands smooth your beard back down.
  4. Using a wooden comb, comb the balm through your beard and style to your distinguished best!

About Us


Greetings and thank you for visiting. I am Carl and this is my wife Lora. Let me introduce you to our company. To be honest, we started this journey to create a product just for me. Like many men out there, my beard was less than distinguished, itched and of course the dreaded beard druff. Not only did I have thin spots, I had a spot that just wouldn't grow (we all know where those are). I had tried many different products, but was not very impressed with the results. Most of what I was finding was olive oil based (I am a man, not a salad!) or had chemicals that I can not even pronounce. So, we started doing our research and experimenting in our kitchen. We found that Hemp oil; being high in fatty acids and vitamin E, is incredible for the skin and hair (not to mention it is an easy replenished resource) along with our other premium carrier oils, it did the trick! I was able to grow a full beard, without thinning or patches in a very short time (yep, you guessed it, no two results are the same) After lots of prodding and request from family and friends to make our oils and balms available to everyone, Barnett's Distinguished Gentleman LLC was born. I hope you are as satisfied with our products and results as we are. Remember "It's All In The Oil!"


What do we do different?

It's All In The oiL!  Not all oils are created equal. Our proprietary blend of premium all natural carrier and essential oils that make up our products are designed to be easily absorbed (not greasy) to nourish your skin and leave your beard soft and distinguished looking! We use high quality cold pressed, not solvent extracted oils that are great even for sensitive skin. As we mentioned we use hemp seed oil for all its incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. We also use grape seed oil (which is a light oil also easily absorbed) that is  high in fatty acids and  linoleic acid  to helps stimulate hair growth; Sweet almond oil which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A as well as vitamin B1 and B6 to promote healthy skin and hair growth; and finally Castor oil for its anti-inflammatory properties (it helps to soothe the skin and reduce the dreaded beard-druff). To make this simple, our oil nourishes the skin and hair while our balm gives control for that all day distinguished look.


We are veteran owned and operated! We support and honor our military and first responders with special offers and promotions. Join the Gentleman's Club for exclusive promotions and offers.

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